iSmart Watch - Android and iOS Phones (2019 Edition)
iSmart Watch - Android and iOS Phones (2019 Edition)
iSmart Watch - Android and iOS Phones (2019 Edition)
iSmart Watch - Android and iOS Phones (2019 Edition)
iSmart Watch - Android and iOS Phones (2019 Edition)
iSmart Watch - Android and iOS Phones (2019 Edition)
iSmart Watch - Android and iOS Phones (2019 Edition)

iSmart Watch - Android and iOS Phones (2019 Edition)

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iSmart Watch

With the iSmart Watch, the future is brought to you. 

Big brand smartwatches are in for a big surprise with this incredible watch that allows you to stay connected no matter what your daily routine or tasks are. Its sleek and stylish design allows for a comfortable fit around the wrists of busy men and women alike. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, its mighty and powerful technology can't be matched. 

The iSmart is the newest, most revolutionary smartwatch on the market. While big brand smartwatches are being sold at expensive prices, the must-have iSmart Watch is being sold for next to nothing. This watch is designed to make life simple by allowing you to stay connected with your phone or other devices all day. Have messages, reminders, music, calls, calendars, and so much more instantly right around your wrist! Whether you're on the job, working out, or enjoying a night out, the iSmart's high-performing technology gets the job done. And with eleven different languages to choose from, you won't have any trouble choosing the language you are most comfortable with.

With the iSmart, you no longer need to worry about missing any messages or calls. Dial-to-call and reply to important messages with facility even if your phone is not with you. There's no way to forget to reply to a message anymore because the iSmart sends you message reminders so you can stay on top of things. And if your hands are full or you're just too busy to talk on the phone, not a problem! With a tap the iSmart allows you to easily answer calls and talk while you work. With all of these spectacular features will this smartwatch be able to stop big brand smartwatches from being too expensive? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Can this watch connect to my iPhone or Android? 

Answer: Yes; the iSmart watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices so you can stay connected with your devices. 

Question: What material is the watch made out of? 

Answer: The watch band is made of Silica Gel which absorbs water vapor. It is completely harmless and great to fight against condensation which can really damage electronics. The case material is made of plastic. 

Question: Is the iSmart waterproof? 

Answer: The iSmart watch is a device. That being said, please do not go swimming with it. Water contact should be kept to a minimum when wearing this watch since the water could really damage the technology. 

Question: Is the band detachable?

Answer: Unfortunately the band on the iSmart is not detachable. However, you do get to choose from a variety of different colors of iSmart watches such as black, white, gold and silver! 

Question: Is the battery on the watch detachable? 

Answer: Yes the battery on the iSmart watch is detachable. This means that you can replace the battery if need be.

Question: Can you download apps on the iSmart?

Answer: Yes you can! You don't have to be stuck with only the functions that come with the watch. The iSmart is meant to be made your own so feel free to download away!

Question: Does the iSmart have a SIM card? 

Answer: The iSmart does have a SIM card so that your functions are safely stored on it and can be easily transferred should the need arise. 

Questions: What functions are offered on the iSmart? 

Answer: The iSmart offers a Passometer which counts your steps and allows you to keep track of them, a Calculator, 24-hour instruction, Message Reminder, Interactive Music, Calendar, Dial Call, Push Message, Alarm Clock, Remote Control, Answer Call, and Call Reminder. 

Question: What languages can you pick from on the iSmart?

Answer:  The iSmart allows you to pick from eleven different languages in total. Those languages are Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, and French. 

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